Woodwork for Inventor update 2018 11 20

What’s new?


Fixed issue when Auto Plot function does not process models without Woodwork for Inventor material.
Fixed issue of AutoPlot template when setting dialog can be closed with wrong Plot Area values.
A new feature in Drawing AutoPlot Drawing Refresh is available. Now user can select drawing sheets in Browser and only pointed sheets will be refreshed. If nothing selected – all sheets will be refreshed by default.


Fixed problems with Nesting output to CNC.
Corrections of automated CAM technology solver for calculating a selection of clamping.
Fixed some wrong cases of nesting trajectory calculation.
Fixed issue with withdrawal feedrate option. Now it saves all possible options of withdrawal feedrate.
Fixed issue in Automatic CAM technology generation when split faces of the part are processed.
Fixed issue with surface Auto Select for Cut operation.
Fixed an error of Automatic CAM technology generation when the tool was deleted from DB.
Fixed an error when the depth of the pocket where calculated in the wrong way on inclined surfaces.
Fixed an error when climb movement of Cut operation is not rendered in a graphics screen when Automatic CAM technology proceeds.
Fixed automatic face recognition for Cut operation processing.
Fixed an error when stepovers’ value couldn’t be set higher than pocket depth.
Fixed visual representation of Cut allowance in a CNC environment.
Fixed an error when cutting feedrate and spindle rotation data was taken not from operation settings.
New post-processor for Gannomat router has been created.
Fixed tool correction for Xilog post processor.



Fixed issue with Grain direction graphics error.
Fix of material editor error when a user could create new material with empty thickness value.
Fixed database migration from Woodwork for Inventor V8 to Woodwork for
Inventor V9. In some cases, previous replacement data wasn’t migrated to a new version.
Fixed rare mistake of an unusual behavior of Autodesk Style editor when
Woodwork for Inventor is installed.
Fixed error when the iBox iMate order was changed and iBox work was broken.
Fixed error handling when the assembly has unresolved components.
Fixed grain direction control dialog behavior when the rotation of grain applied to several components in a row.


New feature of checking if there is “Normal” type parts without Woodwork for Inventor materials applied. Allows identifying parts without Woodwork for Inventor material during BOM generation.
Fixed an error. Before each painted surface of a part was treated as separate workpieces in a BOM. Now all painted surfaces are united to one workpiece.
Аlso oversize is applied to the single workpiece of painted surfaces.
Other small fixes of BOM generation.

Assembly Copier

Fixes in windows management, it’s no longer possible to place windows under the taskbar.
Improved “Cancel” processing when Assembly Copier loads a model.
Fixed issue of access to the files on a mapped network drive.
Fixed issue. Now it is possible to make assembly or iBox copy with suppressed components.
Fixed error. Now it is possible to copy assemblies with “{” and “}” sign in the component file name.
Improvement. Assembly Copier renaming schema has been modified. Now an option which regulates Items renaming mechanism is available. There is a possibility to keep the same naming values for drawings and presentations as a parent item.