V10 update 8/5/2019

What’s new?

  1. Bug fix when conditional formatting rules in the template of BOM would not transfer to final BOM;
  2. Bug fix when user change layer order in Multilayer Board via Multilayer Board material edit procedure;
  3. Bug fix of Joint Sculpt command crash when trying to sculpt component from Library area or member of iPart. Now those components are excluded from Sculpt objects;
  4. Bug fix when Auto CNC solver makes a wrong decision when choosing between Mill and Drill operations;
  5. Bug fix. Wrong Stepover interpretation in post-processor processing. Now the order of stepover cutting of contour changed. First cut passes with full stepover depth of contours and last cut with rest of depth contour;
  6. Bug fix when AutoCNC solver sets wrong operations when a part has edge band pre-mill allowances;
  7. Bug fix of the crash of the iBox refresh when suppress components are used inside of the iBox;
  8. Bug fix when Orbit Lead In views unnecessary lines of trajectory;
  9. Bug fix when range box of a part is calculated. In some specific cases range box is calculated in a wrong direction;
  10. Bug fix when the rotation of grain direction does not transfer clamping points indexes when the part is chosen for clamping on CNC processing. It has the influence on BOM output results which are used for labels printing when BOM data is utilized;
  11. Various small fixes in CAM module functioning;
  12. Various Fixes in CAM Post-processors functioning;
  13. Now user can set up a new option which controls how to read the identity of components when BOM report is created. You can set to count the identity of record or identity of file;
  14. New Option in Auto Plot command. Now you can ask not to create drawing if it already exists;
  15. Now all Woodwork for Inventor commands is available for Customize Menu option;
  16. Now you can make hierarchical selections of items in Assembly Copier. For example, selection of assembly suppose selection all subcomponents of assembly;
  17. Improved performance of AutoPlot command;
  18. New BOM template keyword {Item.QuantitySum} is implemented. The keyword counts all instances of components in subassemblies including the quantity of subassembly itself;
  19. New option for automatic allowance control for slant edges is implemented. Now you can ask slant edge oversize to make invalid if conventional oversize is applied;
  20. Improved mechanism of how grain direction start is set for Woodwork for Inventor part;
  21. Illustration picture application to iMates for Hardware Attachment is improved;
  22. Configuration of Workpiece automatic naming is improved. Now the user has more options to set rules of automatic naming of workpieces when BOM is generated;
  23. BOM template selection can be performed from the bottom toolbar in BOM generator window;
  24. Now you can use suppress for “Lock from Sculpt” and “Lock from AutoPlot” features;