How to

BOM generator

Open an assembly.
In the Woodwork Design toolbar select the specification generation (BOM) command. Precise dimensions of parts and work pieces are calculated automatically considering grain direction, thickness and position of the banding assigned to the edge, etc.
NOTE: In this case, Woodwork for Inventoruses materials assigned at the modeling stage.
You can rename materials and hardware elements in the model. Open the Replace Configuration tab.
To make a replacement from MS Excel file, double click on an empty cell.
Initially there is no connection with MS Excel table. To set connection, click “Setup”.
Browse for MS Excel folder containing replacement data. Default path:

  • For hardware: C:\W4INV 2017 Design\PROJECTS\Samples\Replacement Data\Hardware
  • For materials: C:\W4INV 2017 Design\PROJECTS\Samples\Replacement Data\Materials
Link the values in the selected specification (BOM) fields to the columns of MS Excel document. If you need to add a Custom column, just hit “Enter” and enter the column name. When all values are linked, click “Close”.
Enter text in the search field. Search will be performed on all columns. Double click on the value you want to replace. Since you have already set MS Excel spreadsheet for replacement you need to just double click on the cell you want to replace and use search.
By linking materials, you can select settings required to rename hardware components. To create new hardware component settings:
Double click on any empty field to get to Replace data from Excel dialog window and  click “Setup”.
Link specification (BOM) fields to the columns of the MS Excel document.
Click “Close”.
Now you can use search to replace hardware components.
After replacement, Woodwork for Inventor will use new names for materials and hardware.
Before exporting specification (BOM) to MS Excel you need to export a template first. Click on Select template and browse for the folder that contains MS Excel template. Default path is: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Woodwork for Inventor\2017\V7\BOM templates
Run specification (BOM) export.
Now you can open the saved document.
Specification (BOM) contains a precise amount of renamed materials.