Size calculations of part and blank

Texture direction, overlaps, added coating, sunk coating, etc.

Woodwork for Inventor expands the range of Autodesk Inventor design capabilities by adding a feature which can really come in handy for furniture makers. The designer, using the materials assignment command of Woodwork for Inventorcan easily assign the main material to an Autodesk Inventor part from which the part will be cut, and place coatings for the surfaces of the part which are necessary to realize the furniture construction. This method allows for full specification of furniture parts and takes unnecessary work out of the design process.

Depending on the design situation, in some cases, the designer finds it is more convenient to model a part and in other cases a blank. Using Woodwork for Inventor it is simple to specify whether the coating must be calculated as an addition to the CAD model or sunk into the CAD model.

Using a special Woodwork for Inventor command, you can adjust texture direction, while another command helps you assign additional overlaps to the material blank.

All the above actions affect the dimensions of the part and of the blank which may differ from one another due to the aforementioned factors. Woodwork for Inventor takes this into account and automatically calculates these dimensions and provides them in the generated specifications. During the design process, all operations are visualised thus it is easy to control them and in this way prevent errors.

Instruction of how to control the work piece and the part size measurement.

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