Multiplication arrangement of furniture hardware

Components, axes defining the hardware position, component database, etc.

Woodwork for Inventor uses its own method of components arrangement which utilises the design connections (iMate) pre-existing in the assembly elements. The designer simply needs to specify which load-bearing geometric elements a specified component needs to be attached to and it will automatically be multiplied in all possible position combinations based on the specified load-bearing geometric element. As compared to standard Autodesk Inventor mechanisms, this ensures a much faster arrangement of fittings in a piece of furniture.

Woodwork for Inventor provides a database of the most popular furniture hardware but the designer himself, using the standard Autodesk Inventor tools, may create their own components which, when placed in the furniture model, can provide relevant cut-outs & holes as well as being included in the parts list.

Instruction of how to arrange hardware components in the model.

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